Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Top 1% Can't Foot The Bill For The 50%

The bottom line here is that the people that are rich because they have built a business up that in turn is very successful, and has made them very rich after a lot of years of hard work.

So Obama thinks that some how these people own the ones who are to lazy to make their money the old fashioned way and earn it, it's all about the hand out for those people.

The fact of the matter is that you can't count on a few rich people in a country to pay the way for all of those who don't pay their own way. On the other hand if the big companies are using tax shelters so they don't have to pay taxes, those shelters need to be removed.

There are economists out there who have done the numbers, and determined that about 50% of Americans pay no taxes at all. If that is true then possibly those people should be made to pay taxes before you penalize the people who are creating jobs, and building our country.

This all simply means that the tax code needs to be redone, and we need to remove all of those things that make it possible for people to hide money from taxes.

On the other hand if the government is going to continue to use our tax money that to screw the American people, nobody should ever pay a dollar in taxes to the federal government again.

If they raise taxes and just start taking it out of your pay check, you should revolt with all of your might. The feds should not be allowed to do as they please, look at how much damage that they have done in the last forty years or so.

We are trillions of dollars in debt, since Obama came in to office out credit has downgraded not once, or even twice, but if I'm not mistaken four times.

Which by itself is enough of a reason to not allow them to raise taxes just so they can squander more of our money. It;s time to put these idiots on notice, and let them know who is in charge.

You have just got to believe that the top 1% of the food chain cannot make up for the federal government's screw ups, along with paying for the bums of this country to get that all important handout from the federal government.

No single group of people can make up for the federal government and their bad habits. Nor can they make up for the bums of the country, those people who just won't work.

If you think about it, it makes a lot more sense to make all those who don't pay taxes pay their fair share pay it, before you lay it on the successful people who have worked hard to become wealthy.

And truly are creating jobs, and helping people to earn a living. If it is true what the economists say that 50% of Americans pay no taxes at all, they must be made to pay before you penalize the wealthy.

Believe me I am not one of the wealthy people of this country, but some day I'd like to be. I do not believe that the wealthy and successful people should have to pay for the mistakes of the federal government, and those who just refuse to pay taxes.

I fully believe that the feds should use some of that money that they don't have to spend, to track down those who are paying no taxes, and either kick them out of this country, or make them pay their taxes.

I personally don't believe that the USA owe anybody a free ticket to life. It's time to reform welfare, and minimize the handout machine. We are not a socialist country, nor does it make sense for us to make sure that a bum stays a bum.

It's entirely different is you have a disability that makes it so you can't work, but there very few who actually are disabled to the point where they can't work. But those who are do need the help, and we should help them when they need is.

But we do not need to help illegal immigrants with the peoples tax money. We do not need to make it easier for them to break our laws. It's time that people got an understanding that this is not free money. I go to work to pay for you welfare, food stamp using bums, and I don't like it.

Let those who think that it's such a great thing pay for those people to stay alive. It's time to do the 100 yard check, our country needs a touch down not a field goal.

We need the full score, and we cannot generate the full score by raising taxes during a recession. The only thing that will help this country right now is more jobs. But we are about to let Obama raise taxes on the people who create jobs in this country.

You have got to know that when taxes go up employers lay people because they can't afford not to. So before yo get behind the stupid idea of raising taxes during a recession, if your still employed right now, you should ask your boss what happens to your job if Obama raises taxes.



Wednesday, October 20, 2010

American Made Products / Made with Quality In The USA

Made in the USA is not just a slogan, every American should try with all of their might to by products that are Made in the USA. I know that you hear how other countries make better products, so you buy at Wal-Mart, or it's to save money.

Whatever the excuse you should check the Made in tag, and if it doesn't say Made in The USA try to find a product like it that is made in this country. I know that we all need to watch out money closely, but don't whine about the economy if your not willing to help fix it.

You should always want to buy products that are proudly made in this country. It should not even be a debate, I know that it can be hard to find products that are made in the USA, but they are out there and they are high quality products, and you will go all over the place shopping for prices, why not do the same to help your country.

This is not limited to one category either, please look for everything that you buy to have a Meade In The USA tag on it. The meaning of everything would include without limiting to food, tools, clothes, home repair goods, cars, sporting goods, all of it.

You know that I am probably one of the biggest purveyors of the buy American car attitude, it has gone from that to buy everything American, I don't even shop at Wal-Mart, I look where I have to to find American made products, only when I can't do I buy a product made out of this country.

If you resolve yourself to only buying American products, except when it is impossible, you will without a doubt be helping the companies that are in our country to survive, and to thrive. By doing this you will help them to hire more people, and to bring our economy back.

If you beyond this, and you just don't care then by all means take the easy way out, and be a Wal-Mart shopper for life. Don't even bother to do something as simple as look for the Made In The USA tag, don't look on the internet for the products, just don't help at all.

If you choose to go this route, don't be surprised when the company in this country that you work for has economic problems, and they decide to lay you off. Don't whine about it if you don't care enough to help with the problem, don't be a part of the problem, be a part of the solution.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Buy American Goods and Services

I can't possibly explain the importance of helping your country during these bad economic times; when you buy American goods and services you support your country. Everybody wants to see the country get back to business as usual again.

I don't think that one single true American person wants to see the country doing poorly. As American citizens one thing that you can do is to always look for the “Made In The USA” tag on the things that you buy, this keeps our people working, and our American businesses thriving.

When you insist on buying products that are imported form other countries, you insist on helping their country rather then ours. When you do this you help foreign businesses thrive, and you help them keep their people working, and their is nothing wrong with that, if you country is doing well economically.

We have all heard the slogan buy American, it has never meant more then it does right now. So please people I implore you to look for the Made In The USA tag, and buy products with that tag as often as you can, American made goods and services are the high quality you can get.

The more that you insist on buying American goods and services, that faster our country will make a comeback. If you notice it is really hard to find any products in the country that have that special tag on them, this is because people quit buying things with that tag, and it has went away over time.

But if you insist on buying American goods and services, there will be companies out there that start to produce American products again. We need to rebuild the industry in this country again, and if we continue to import everything, we will only build the industry in other countries.

Yes we do need to have a certain amount of good that are imported from other places, but the majority of the items sold in this country should be American made products. We need to look out for number one before we look out for the rest of the world.

If you have ever been in a Wal-Mart in your life, and you have looked for a made in the USA, I'm 100% sure that you didn't find it. The products were all made in China, or some other country. Remember if doesn't save money when you have to buy the same thing time and time again when it breaks on you.

When you go shopping look proudly for the Made In The USA” tag, and buy that product whenever possible. If you have to pay a few more cents to a dollar for the product, just think of it as doing your country a favor, think of it as helping you country to pull out of the funk it's in.

Always remember that when the country pulls out of the funk that it's in does not mean that it's time to quit buying American products, it does not mean that it's time to give up. You should always buy American goods and services whenever possible.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Economy Of The United States – Buy American Products

As things get tighter in the economy of the United States; more people are looking for ways to save money. If you forgo buying American products; you will be the one hurting our country, I say lay off of the Walmart generation, and buy more American made products.

Every time you buy a product that is not built in this country you affect the Untied States Economy. For every product you buy that is imported; you could push an American company one step closer to laying people off, or firing them.

The unemployment rate will never go down; unless Americans band together to help other fellow Americans. Look for the tag that says made in the USA; it's getting harder, and harder to find it. This is part of what's destroying this country.

I won't even go in to what I think of the Obama health care reform bill; but I will say that it was not designed to help this country. We all need to think American when we go to the store. It doesn't matter what your buying; look for the made in the USA tag on it.

I get so sick and tired of hearing that other countries build things better then we do, I makes me sick to my stomach; an American should never say such a thing. If you think that their products are inferior; tell them to improve the products; that is the only way that they will ever know.

If you think that going to the store, and buying an import this, or a foreign that will help; them you have lost your mind. It's like spanking your kid, and not telling them why you did it. It will never produce a good result in the end.

If you continue to buy imported products it's that same as contributing to bad economy. If you spend money; spend on American made products; keep the money in our country if you want it to help. If you want the unemployment rate to go down; then help it to do so.

Have you ever heard if you do the same things; the same way; you will get the same result. It's true; if you keep buying your import products; you will help all of the other countries long before you help our country. If that is your goal; maybe it's time to think about moving to one of those countries.

Yes things are bad, but by now you have got to know that the people are who will fix this problem. If you sit back and wait for the government to help; it is most likely going to be a long wait. They only care about furthering their agenda; not the best interest of our country.

So you must take it up on yourself to help our country out of the funk that it's in. I know that you weren't the one that put the country in to the funk that it's in; but if you wait for the one who out it there to fix it; you will get a big surprise in the end.

They don't want to fix it; look at the situation it's not hurting them, they already have boat loads of money, and gold stashed away to get them through. Remember only the strong survive; if you want to depend on them, we don't need you here, we need real Americans.

We need the people who love this country; the people who are ready to help the cause. Not those people who have given in the the Walmart generation; the people who don't care about their country. The ones who are ready to accept socialism as the American way.

Monday, December 28, 2009

The American Automotive Industry – Don't Listen To The Doomsday Message

Over the past couple of years I have heard a lot of disparaging remarks about the American automotive industry, to an extent I understand where these doomsday predictions are coming from, but I can't sell them out, not yet i have gotten so much good from it.

I just have to wonder if any of the doom and gloomers have actually spent time working in the industry, it has done me nothing but good, I also constantly hear form the people who have always got to own an import car, they just can't give America a chance again, but for the importers, oh yes they will.

The industry is in a bad way at the moment, but it will pull through, and when it does it will be stronger then ever, unless the government sticks it's big fat fingers in the cookie jar again, if they have problems again, I say no more help from the government, somebody will always step in if they have a chance.

The economy is hurting a lot of things at this point in time, and if you haven't noticed, when the government get's involved it always goes south for the winter, these companies need to take care of themselves, some rich private citizen will always step in to help.

So to this end I say, don't give excused why you can't buy an American car, give the new cars a chance, I'll be the first to admit that the American automotive industry didn't do that great of a job in the 1980's, but then again neither did the importers.

You hear how great imports like Mercedes Benz are, but at some point it time you might want to look at some of the MB owners web sites and take a look at how great most of the owners think that they are, it might just re-tune thinking on the import cars.

They are not better built, they don't back them with better warranties, and they cost a lot more to maintain, so where is all the greatness in owning one of them, where is all of the joy that all of the American car haters get, I fail to understand it.

Now I expect somebody will start waling on me about Toyota, you might want to go an do your own research before you start to harp on me, because I have done the research on this issue, if you can gauge it by number of recalls, Toyota most certainly doesn't win.

Taken the number of recalls is just as high for Toyota as it is for the American car companies, where do you get the idea that they are built to a higher quality standard, please explain it to me because I'd love to hear it, you can't quantify with any proof, because the numbers just don't add up.

I get completely sick of hearing it, to the point that I just begin to think that these people don't like it just because it's American, they are thinking that if it's built in this country that it's a low quality turd, that should never see a day on the road.

For everything these people say bad about an American car, and they are built by humans, and we can all make mistakes, they can point out this fact, or that fact, but I can point out the same type of facts about the wonderful imports that they all love so much.

I don't care what country imports that car, that doesn't even weigh in o the factor, they are all built in a factory, and all of the factories use right close to the same technology, they also use human hands on an assembly line to build them, just like we do.

The processes are the same, rather the car is built here, or in some other country, if you ask a German they will say you spoiled American, your cars are every bit as good as our cars are, but you still complain, because you have to keep up with the Jones-es.

Noe realizing that your the one who sounds dumb in the end, you whine about the state on our country, but you don't want to support it, what an idiot that makes you, you who can't admit that you might have been wrong for all of these years, you who doesn't care about your country.

Monday, October 5, 2009

It's Time To Be An American Your Country Needs You

It may not seem like a big idea to some people, but if you just buy American made products, you can help pull the country out of this funk that it's in, you can say that you have done your par to help, and you can say that your real honest to god true American.

Our country is in dire need of a come back right now, and if you think for a single minute that the idiot in charge of this country is going to help, you may need to re-think things, Obama want to fundamentally transform America, to bring about a redistributive change.

In terms that most people can understand, a redistributive change means socialism, if you don't believe me, I'll explain what it is, first let's sat that you have three chickens, and the guy down the street has one chicken, the government would take one of yours, and give it to the guy down the street.

Let's say that you have a business, and the business is doing pretty good, your making a good amount of money, you'd only be able to make an amount set by the government, if you make more then that, the government would come in and take enough to fix the problem.

If you don't see a problem with this, well your just not a true American, in this country we believe that if people are willing to work hard enough, they can make what ever they want out of their life, and the government can't tell them to stop, as long as they follow the laws as they do it.

When you but American made products , it helps companies in this country survive and thrive, they will hire more people because they have more business, and our economy will begin to come back, it will begin to rebound, it will eventually return to normal.

Bailouts won't fix things, that is a temporary flow of income, when the money runs out again, it's right back to the way it was before the bailouts, the government can't fix this problem, even though they had a lot to to with causing it in the first place.

Labor unions can't fix it either, no matter what Obama says, labor unions are corrupt, and no longer needed, there was a time when they were truly needed, a time when people were working slave labor, and forced to do so, but that is no longer the case, if you work hard, you can be what you desire to be.

We need to concentrate on helping our country out of this funk, we need to be American, and be proud to be Americans, not run around saying I'm an Irish American, or I'm an Italian American, or I'm A Mexican American, all you need to say id, I'm an American, and be proud to say it.

Buy American and help the businesses in this country survive, and help your country make a come back, this is the best country on the planet to live in, no other country will do the things for you that this country will, just because you live in it.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Buy American Be American Love America

Hello people it's time to be proud of your country again, if you don't want to be proud of America, maybe it's time you looked in to leaving this country, parts of loving your country is to support it, and buy goods that are built in it.

I don't care if it's clothes, cars, electronics, or any other items that are manufactured in this country, it's time to think about where the money goes when you buy things are imported from other countries, I'll bet you are worried about the economy, if so do your part to help it.

If you want to save your retirement funds, your 401K's, and other investments, then it's time that you done your part to help the economy, before you buy it look for a tag that says made in the USA on it, when you buy goods that are made here the money stays in our country.

If you don't believe what I say, you might want to go out and do a little research on your own, you may want to look in to being an American again, you may want to buy products that are made in America, I don't want to hear excuses about how good the importers do things either.

I get sick and tired of hearing how great other countries build things, and all l I hear cannot be proven in any way, there is no documentation of it any where, other then an article in some magazine, or a random person whining that Americans can't build a quality product.

To that I say crap, America does is better then any other country on the planet, America always has done it better, and we always will, so if you want to help your country, buy American products, buy the LG TV rather then the Samsung, buy the Chevrolet rather then the Toyota.

Look at the tag before you buy the product, if you don't help out country through these bad times, and you expect somebody else to do it for you, you might get a rude awakening, you might wake up to find your country out of business.

I've said it before , and I'll say it again, be American, buy American, support America, no excuse is good enough not out during these hard times, no excuse makes you sound smart, and no excuse will help our country out of the funk that it's in.

You might want to blame the government for everything that has happened, but you'd be wrong to do so, this falls as much on the people of the country, the people who refuse to be American, the people who refuse to buy American.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

No Time Like The Present

It's time to quit looking for reasons to sell out your country, the importer do not make better quality products then we do, it's just an excuse; a filthy dirty bunch of lies that a few people started to spread back in a 1980's.

Some idiot started a rumor that the importers built higher quality goods then the USA, with absolutely no proof this fantasy took off like wild fire through our country, and that fire still burns ti this day, although it has been doused a bit.

It's disgusting that American's think that they have to try to prove that other countries are building better products, I will come off the high horse on one thing, the Japanese do build some of the electronics better then we do.

That can attributed directly to the fact that we buy more of their electronics, making it so they have more funds to develop new technology faster then we can, if you'd just spend the money with companies that headquarters in this country, you might be surprised.

If you know anything about how a company works, the companies with the most money can put more funds in to R&D to build better products, but the bottom line is that it takes more money to build better products, and they have more to spend.

The Germans say that our cars are every bit as good as theirs, and then they say those spoiled, spoiled Americans don't even know what they have, you don't know how many times I have heard this from Germans.

You need to give your country a chance, you need to help your country produce the high quality goods that it's capable of, or the Germans are right, you are spoiled Americans, I have said for a long time that I blame the present economy on the people, as much as the government.

I give the people equal blame because the government isn't the ones driving American companies out of business, it's the people not buying American mad goods, you go to Wal Mart and buy things made in India; China; and any other place besides your country.

You save ten cents; and that's all it takes for you to sell out your country; I wonder have you ever heard that you get what you pay for, it's 100% true and it will be until the day you die, the R&D to make a product high quality costs more money, so they have to charge more for it.

You don't get the best of both worlds, you either get the things that you buy cheap; or you get high quality products, but you do not get both, it's time to think American; be American; and buy American to help your country through the hard times it's in.